Sunday, July 22, 2012

Blog Sale! MAC, Smashbox, EL, UD, NYX, Revlon, and more!

  • Minimum $5 purchase before shipping 
  • Paypal only, USD. If I don't receive payment within 24 hours after the invoice is sent the item will be relisted.
  • U.S. shipping only! I ship from San Francisco within 2-3 days of payment
  • Shipping is $3.00 for the first item and then $0.50 for each additional item ($5.50 max total), delivery confirmation included. I may reuse packaging materials, let me know if this is a problem.
  • All sales are final
  • All items from a a pet free (sadly), smoke free home
  • If you're interested in purchasing an item, please email me at with "Blog Sale" in the subject line and include your paypal email address. 

 (Clockwise top left)
$18 Estee Lauder "Peach Nuance" Blush (95%) SOLD
$5 Korres Botanically Coated "44 Orange" Blush (95%, loose pan, with box) SOLD
$5 Smashbox Blush/Soft Lights Duo "AM/PM" (95%)
$4 Smashbox "Smashing Gleam" Reflectors Highlighter (BNIB)

(Clockwise top left)
$2 NYX "Stone" Blush (80%)
$1 NYX "Expresso" Blush (80%, chipped corner)
$1 ELF Studio "Peachy Keen" Blush (95%)
$2 NYX "Glow" Cream Blush (95%)
$4 Physicians Formula Healthy Wear SPF 50 Bronzer "Tan" (95%)

$8 MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural "Medium Plus" (50%?) SOLD
$4 Revlon PhotoReady "005 Natural Beige" Foundation (used 1x)

(Clockwise top left)
$2 Urban Decay "Protest" Loose Pigment (BNIB)
$1 Urban Decay "Protest" Loose Pigment (used 1x)
$2 Clinique Colour Surge Eyeshadow Quad mini (BN, 0.08oz total)
$4 Smashbox "Day-to-Date" Eyeshadow Trio (used 1x, 0.1oz) 
$2 Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara "Black" mini (BN, 0.14oz vs 0.28oz full size)
$1 Prestige "Iguana" Eyeshadow (95%)

$10 MAC "Sweetie" Lipstick (90%)
$9 MAC "Cosmo" Lipstick (85%)

$2 NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme "Antwerp" (95%)
$4 Clinique Chubby Stick "Super Strawberry" mini (used 1x, 0.04 oz vs full size 0.10oz)
$1 NYX "African Queen" Mega Shine Lipgloss (used 1x) SOLD

$0.50 NYX "Doll" Round Lipstick (70%)
$0.50 NYX "Fig" (75%)
$0.50NYX "Tea Rose" (65%)
$1 NYX "Louisiana" (85%)
$3 Revlon "Cha Cha Cherry" Superlustrous Lipstick (85%)

$1 Gelous Advanced Nail Gel Coat (70%)
$1 Milani "Rad Purple" (swatched 1x)
$1 Milani "Pink Rocks!" (swatched 1x)
$1 Milani "Fresh Teal" (swatched 1x)

WnW "Through the Grapevine" (2x) - for free, let me know if you want it
$1 NYX Girls "Fire Amber" (1x)
$1 NYX Girls "Purple Noir" (BN)
$1 NYX "Asphalt" (swatched 1x)
(OR $5 for all 8 nail polishes!) 

Thank you so much for looking! And so sorry I abandoned my blog, I just got so busy that I completely forgot about it! Thank you to everyone who read it and followed! :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Inspiration: 2012 Academy Awards & The Artist

As a diehard movie lover, there is no better night of the year than Oscar night. I love the dresses, the makeup, the lame jokes, and most of all, the movies.

I am obsessed with old classic movies so of course I fell hard for the Artist this year. It combined old 1920's Hollywood glamour and black and white film with a beautiful story looking at the film industry from the inside. And of course director Michel Hazanavicius said it was partly inspired by Hitchcock, and there is no director I love better than Hitchcock. The costuming and makeup were spectacular! It definitely deserved the five Oscars it won.

Berenice Bejo was stunning as Peppy Miller in the Artist
Jean Dujardin and Berenice Bejo in the Artist
Click past the jump to see my favorite red carpet looks including Penelope Cruz, Jessica Chastain, and Angelina Jolie! 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Holy Grail Alert: Glycerin as a Moisturizer

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been MIA for the past 2 weeks, I've been extremely busy with school and moving. I wanted to finally post about my new Holy Grail (HG), pure Glycerin! In this post I’ll describe what I use it for, how I use it, and the amazing results I’ve had!  

What is it?: Glycerin is almost always the main moisturizing ingredient in moisturizer. It works by absorbing water from the air or the surface of your skin into your skin. By using pure glycerin, you are just bypassing all the other unnecessary ingredients present in Since it is made of only one ingredient, you don't have to worry about oil/parabens/fragrance/etc.

It says dilute with 2 parts water but that would be WAYYY too sticky!
What I use it for: I mainly use it for my face but I'll sometimes also use it for my body, though the application method gets a little messier that way. It also serves as a foundation primer and eyeshadow primer (like Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy) because it dries down to a slightly tacky finish which helps my makeup adhere better and last longer. Like Pixie Epoxy, this tackiness helps prevent fallout and makes the glitter and shimmer stay truer when applied.

How I apply it:
1. For my face, I put a drop or two in my palm (one for daytime and two for nighttime) 

One drop
A little more than 2!

2. Then I add about 10 times as much water. I never really measure the water out, I just approximate by filling the cupped area of my palm with water. Using at least a 1:10 ratio of glycerin to water helps prevent the glycerin from drying to too sticky on your face.

3. Then I use the index finger of my other hand to pat the water to mix the glycerin and water together. I gently rub my hands together and pat the glycerin all over my face. Your face will be wet and slightly dripping, which is good because you want the glycerin to absorb all that moisture into your skin. 

4. A few minutes later when the water has dried I take another teaspoon or so of just water (no glycerin) in my hands and pat that all over my face again so that my skin can be extra hydrated. Once the water is absorbed you’ll notice that your skin is nice and plump with moisture.

If I’m using it as a body moisturizer I use the same ratio but just redo these steps enough times to cover the rest of my body.

Other Uses: Many of you may use MAC Fix+ and similar sprays, but glycerin can also be used to make a homemade dupe of Fix+! I don’t really have any interest in using it but I know many people who use glycerin this way. Recipes for this can be found here

Results: I used to use jojoba oil as my facial moisturizer, but that wasn’t quite moisturizing enough for my normal to dry skin. I had dry, flaky patches of skin in my T-zone (so counterintuitive right?) that wouldn’t really go away even when I used Vaseline in those areas. I’ve used glycerin for a month now and never once have I had dry patches since I started! No more foundation clinging to flakes! It literally gives my skin a beautiful glow because my skin is sooo hydrated and healthy!

My skin is extremely smooth and never dry or oily. Glycerin has not clogged my pores or caused me to break out, which only usually happens when I use traditional moisturizers (not single ingredient products like oils or glycerin). It does not irritate my skin at all and because there’s no fragrance or other mysterious ingredients, I have no worries that it is poisoning me or anything. I find that it also serves as a face primer because it helps my foundation, blush, highlighter, and eyeshadow adhere better and be more true to color on my face. 

Overall, I am impressed with how simple, easy, and effective glycerin is. I would definitely recommend you give this a try. Of course your mileage may vary as with all skin products.

Where to buy it: Glycerin is available at every drugstore for around $5 in one of the health care aisles. Make sure you buy 100% pure glycerin USP. It is always totally clear and usually comes in a bottle like this one. It lasts FOREVER because you only need a few drops a day.

 Have you ever tried glycerin? Will you give it a try?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Favorite Pink Lipsticks and Glosses

In honor of valentine's day, here are my favorite pink lip products -- including natural and bright pinks. Yesterday I wore MAC Impassioned, the brightest pink I own, and today I wore NYX Tea Rose a softer pink that is still a step up from MLBB.

The lighting is rather bad in the first set and last set of swatches because it was really cloudy yesterday when I was taking the pictures. I tried to adjust the color to make it as accurate as possible.

NYX Tea Rose, NYX Fig, Revlon Pink in the Afternoon, MAC Sweetie, MAC Hue lipsticks
NYX Tea Rose, NYX Fig, Revlon Pink in the Afternoon, MAC Sweetie, MAC Hue lipsticks
Tea Rose is an opaque rosy pink. Fig is nearly the same as Tea Rose but a bit brighter and slightly more coral. Pink in the Afternoon is one of my favorite pinks, a nice neutral pink great for everyday wear. Sweetie is a pinky plum with silvery shimmer/glitter that gives it a slightly frosty finish. Hue is a sheer milky pale pink.

Now onto the in-your-face brights!! :D

Click past the jump to see bright pinks, lip glosses, and me wearing Impassioned!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Quick Taupe Smokey Eye

I needed to do a smokey eye in a hurry so I applied all the eyeshadow in this look with my fingers! I've realized that I am actually better at apply non-matte eyeshadows with my fingers than with a brush. For me, it makes blending so much easier and everything apply much more quickly. Plus no brushes to wash!! (speaking of which... need to wash my brushes asap!)

Here I used my favorite taupes, WnW Nutty and MAC Satin Taupe (which may or may not actually be a taupe?). I kept my skin simple and dewy (thanks to glycerin and some highlighter!) with a natural lip. I haven't layered lipstick and lipgloss in MONTHS and forgot how nice it looks.

My creases were being weird/normal! The one that is usually a semi-monolid creased today which made wearing and applying a darker eye look much easier. Normally, my lids are mismatching which makes darker eyeshadows harder to pull off without looking like a crazy person. My eyes will sometimes crease weirdly to match. No idea why it did that today, might've been the liner I was using?

Click past the jump to see more photos and products I used

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

January Favorites

A week late, but better late than never! January flew by, and because I was so busy I stuck with some basic staples. I tended to wear cool toned eyeshadow, usually a wash and sometimes with a darker brown or taupe in the crease. For blush I pretty much stuck to neutrals or everyday pinks. Lips were usually a rosy MLBB shade, and occasionally a red lipstick.

Can you spy the PAN?! :D
Do you see that teeny tiny eyeshadow that's showing its PAN?!!?! I know right, a totally unprecedented moment for me. This is the one and only eyeshadow I've ever hit pan on, and I think I might be able to finish it by the end of the month. I've had this (as a part of the Rimmel Colour Rush "Smokey Brun" quad, now reformulated in the Glam Eyes formula) for 6 years (!!!). I used it a lot when I first got it because it was the first eyeshadow I ever owned, but after a while I stopped using it because I had so many other shades. Now I've come back to it because this shade is such a beautiful, easy eyeshadow wash that brightens up my eyes.

The other products here are:
  • Tarte Exposed blush -- This is THE perfect neutral pink-brown eyeshadow that literally goes with everything. It is almost impossible to mess up!
  • Rock & Republic Call Me blush -- This and Exposed are my favorite blushes ever, so it's no suprise that during my lazy January I reached for these the most. It's a beautiful, albeit discontinud, pink blush with gold shimmer.
  • Revlon Rich Sable matte eyeshadow -- This is a rich neutral dark matte brown that is perfect for deepening the crease and outer V in natural looks and for lining the lower lashline. It is one of my favorite eyeshadows and pairs well with both cool and warm eyeshadows.
  • MAC Copperplate matte2 eyeshadow -- This is a cool/neutral grey-taupe that is also a great option for emphasizing the crease.
  • Wet n Wild Stoplight Red megalast matte lipstick -- seen in my FOTD here. This is one of my favorite reds -- a blue-based red that is completely matte and wears sooo well. The coolness of it brightens up my skintone.
  • Chanel Mademoiselle rouge coco lipstick -- this was my go-to everyday lipstick in January because it is rosy enough to give my face some color but is natural enough for a my-face-but-better look. Love this shade but the formula can be a bit drying.

My two other favorites this month:
  • Glycerin -- I will probably be doing a separate post about the near-holy grail status of glycerin soon. It is an ingredient in almost all moisturizers. I have started using pure glycerin mixed with water as a SUPER hydrating but lightweight moisturizer. In terms of moisturizing power, you literally can't get better than this.
  • Stella perfume -- This is my everyday perfume. I used up a bottle (UNHEARD OF!!!) in December and repurchased this in January. I normally like orientals but this rose-amber fragrance is so beautiful that I can't resist. My other fragrance favorite recently is Guerlain Shalimar, which is wayyy heavier and deeper.
What were your favorite products in January? 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Pretty in Pink FOTD

Pinks are neglected in my stash so I decided to wear a totally pink makeup look today using products I have rarely used recently. I also couldn't decide between a more natural pink lipstick and a bright pink lipstick so I'll show you both!

In the first version I used a more natural pink, Revlon Pink in the Afternoon. It is a beautiful warm pink which is slightly brighter in real life.

Click past the jump to see more photos and the other version of this look, with a BRIGHT pink lipstick! :)

Friday, February 3, 2012

My Essential Makeup Brushes

Today I wanted to show you an absolutely essential part of apply makeup -- brushes! Good brushes are essential for applying makeup well (though skill is probably the most important). My makeup brush collection is relatively small compared to other areas of my makeup collection. I just find that once I buy a brush that works I don't really see a need to buy any more of that type of brush.

I tend to stick with drugstore/cheap brushes but that doesn't mean they're lacking in quality. ELF Studio brushes and Target's Studio Tools brushes are some of my favorites. I also own some Ecotools brushes but I find that I like other equivalents better.

Though of course you don't necessarily need these exact brushes but I think these types of brushes are essential for everyday use. 

Eye brushes:
  • MAC 217 ($22.50) -- This is my favorite and most essential makeup brush that is definitely HG (Holy Grail) status. I am a cheapskate when it comes to brushes but this is worth every penny. It is a fluffy medium-sized blending brush that easily blends eyeshadow. It also works well for applying a sheer layer of eyeshadow and creamy concealers. I've used this daily for 2-3 years and it is still nicely shaped and has never shed.
  • ELF Eyeshadow Brush (regular line, $1) -- This was my first eyeshadow brush and 5 years later I still use it daily. It is the perfect size for laying down eyeshadow all over my lid or my browbone, but because it is still slightly fluffy it gently blends the edge of the eyeshadow as well. Over the FIVE years I've been using this it has never shed a hair! I have a second one of this with a black handle that is 2 years old. The newer version has slightly shorter bristles so I like using it for darker colors to have slightly more targeted eyeshadow application.
  • Studio Tools Smudge Brush (Target, ~$2-3) -- This is pretty much a smaller version of the ELF eyeshadow brush. It is the perfect size for applying dark shades into my outer V or my lower lashline. I like using it to smudge my eyeshadow for smoky looks as well. The bristles are the same type as the ELF brush too. Had this for 1-2 years and it hasn't shed.
  • Studio Tools Angled Eyeliner Brush (Target, ~$2-3) -- This is my favorite angled eyeliner brush. It is pretty thing so it applies eyeliner with the perfect precision. Much better than the more popular Ecotools angled liner brush, which tended to splay. 
  • Sonia Kashuk Bent Eyeliner Brush (~$6) -- This bent brush may help some people who have trouble applying gel eyeliner because it allows you to more easily maneuver the brush to suit the shape of your eye. I prefer using an angled brush though.
MAC 217, ELF Eyeshadow (old), ELF Eyeshadow (newer), Studio Tools Smudge, Studio Tools Angled Liner, Sonia Kashuk Bent Eyeliner brush
Click past the jump to see my favorite face brushes!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Favorite Bright Blushes

Continuing in the bright blush theme for the past week (see my post on applying bright blushes here) today I am showing you all of my (not so many) bright blushes. Blushes and lipsticks are my favorite makeup products but though I have fewer blushes overall I tend to love each of them more than I do my lipsticks or the poor, forgotten eyeshadows.

I only own five BRIGHT blushes (and one of them technically isn't even a blush). I swore I had more until it came time to dig through my stash for this post. Obviously pink pinks are overrepresented out of these five. I really need some red or bright coral blushes!

Clockwise, top left: R&R All Nighter, Illamasqua Tweak, NYX Hot Pink, Prestige Love, ELF Pink Passion
 Blush Breakdowns (Favorite to least favorite):
  • Rock and Republic All Nighter -- This is a strong red-orange with warm golden shimmer. When applied sheerly it becomes a warm orangey glow. R&R blush formulas are by far my favorite among high end blushes and this one lives up to the standard. It blends beautifully, never feels powdery, and lasts all day (or night!). It is the biggest tragedy that these are discontinued! 
  • Illamasqua Tweak -- See my review of this shade here. This is a matte warm watermelon pink that blends sooo smoothly for a matte and becomes a beautiful flush once applied.
  • NYX Hot Pink cream blush -- This is a bright, hot, cool-toned pink in a cream formula. I don't like cream blushes because I find them a hassle to apply but these are great for an affordable cream blush at an affordable price. You have to be really careful though because literally the tiniest amount is enough!
  • Prestige Love eyeshadow -- So this is techinically an eyeshadow that may be discontinued (?). I use it as a blush though and if you have any favorite pink/coral eyeshadows you can use them for blush as well! This is a bright fuschia pink with a slightly blue duochrome which thankfully doesn't really show up when worn as a blush.
  • ELF Pink Passion studio blush -- This pale, cool-pink blush is just okay. While it is pigmented, it applies very chalky and powdery compared to refined mattes like Illamasqua, TheBalm, or NARS. In my opinion there are better blushes out there in the drugstore but some people (including me) just couldn't resist the $3 price tag. 

These are one-swipe swatches in natural/direct sunlight and indirect lighting. 

L-R: R&R All Nighter, Illamasqua Tweak, NYX Hot Pink, Prestige Love, ELF Pink Passion
 Click past the jump to see more swatches!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tips for Wearing Bright Blush Without Looking Like a Clown

So... it's that moment when you fell for that practically neon orange blush and you just brought it home and have no idea how to wear it. We've all been there: one swipe on the cheek and you look like you just time-traveled from the 80's or are getting ready to runaway with the circus. Frustrated, you either have to start your makeup all over again or apply another layer of foundation to cover the offending blush.

I absolutely love bright and high-impact blushes, but there definitely was a learning curve to avoiding the above scenario (though sometimes I still end up being a little too heavy handed). Once I figured out how to apply them though, it was just head-over-heels love from there! Today when I was looking through my blush stash though I realized.... I need MORE bright blushes!! Feel free to give me any recs you have!

Tips for Applying Bright Blush: 
  • The most important tip  to applying these beauties is to use a stippling brush. Stippling brushes are usually identified by their "skunk"-iness -- they have both white and black bristles. The black bristles are shorter and more dense, with the longer white bristles spread throughout. This means that you are able to pick up less product than a traditional brush but because the white bristles are still spread out, you're able to apply the blush over a larger area. Stippling brushes make it WAY easier to apply blush more subtly.
Sonia Kashuk "Highlighting" Brush (stippling/skunk)
See how the white bristles are spread out less densely?

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Illamasqua Tweak Blush Review and Swatches

Illamasqua Tweak is one of my new favorite blushes! It is a bright reddish watermelon pink (or is it? I can never describe colors >.<") that is SO pigmented that I barely dab a stippling brush into the blush with the lightest touch and still have to tap off excess on a tissue. Applied very sparingly it blends with my skin to create a beautiful pink flush.

The formula of Illamasqua blushes is phenomenal and is definitely my favorite along with the sadly discontinued Rock and Republic blushes. This is matte but unlike some mattes (like NARS) I find that this blends really easily into my skin without clumping together where I have dry flakes. It just blends so well with little effort, just the help of my Sonia Kashuk stippling brush.

Tweak is definitely a unique color in my stash and I'm so happy I have it now. I will definitely be trying more Illamasqua blushes next time there's a sale. :) These are currently $24, and exclusively at Sephora (in the US).

Warm lighting: Blended, Swiped once, Built up
Cooler lighting
See how well it swatched? The one swipe swatch is nearly as opaque as the built up swatch. I also blended a teeny tiny bit of the remaining blush on my fingertips on the left so you can see how the color looks blended. Of course if you have a cooler skintone the color will become cooler on you.

The color in the pan is STUNNING! It looks different from in my swatch because it becomes warmer on my skintone.

Here it is applied with a Sonia Kashuk stippling brush.

Have you tried Tweak before? What are your favorite Illamasqua blushes?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rainbow EOTD: Urban Decay Bright Greens

Today's color of the day is green! I almost never wear green eyeshadow even though it's my favorite color, and if I do it's a wimpy almost-neutral like olive so I decided to go all out with a bright green. The colors didn't show up very well on camera, it was even brighter in real life. 

I experimented with the eyeshadow shape to create a sort of reverse cut crease. I packed the matte bright green (UD Chronic) onto my lid, barely blending the edges at all, and then I swept the shimmery lighter blue-green (UD Green Goddess, see swatches below) into the crease. I purposefully didn't blend them together because I wanted there to be a contrast between the two. Overall I thought this was a pretty interesting and successful eyeshadow shape so I'll definitely be trying it in the future! :)

Here you can see the clear distinction between the matte and shimmery shades

Click past the jump to see more photos and swatches of the eyeshadows I used! 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Rainbow EOTDs: NYX Purples

Part two of my rainbow eye looks is PURPLE!! I love the look of purples on brown eyes and I find that it is probably one of the easiest bright colors to wear on the eye. For some reason though I wear purple even less than I wear greens or blues.

In this look I went for a deep blue-purple. The star of the show is NYX Purple eyeshadow (from the trio) which is a stunning purple with a beautiful blue duochrome. I applied it in traditional asian-eyelid fashion, below the "crease," to create a pop of color. This way of wearing brights really makes them more wearable and practical in my experience than pulling the color higher up in the crease.

Click past the jump to see more photos, swatches, and products I used!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Rainbow EOTDs: Red

This week I wanted to branch out from my usual neutral eye makeup looks into bright colors. I have so many color eyeshadows but I almost never use them as I prefer the ease of applying a bright lipstick over bright eyeshadow.

Today I decided to start with the first color of the rainbow, red. Now red is notoriously difficult to use as an eyeshadow because it tends to make you look sick. I have never worn true red eyeshadow so this is my first attempt! I'm not convinced it was a success though.... :/

Excuse the super cool-toned lighting because of the cloudy weather. I am not this pale and blue in real life!

Click past the jump to see more photos of the look and the eyeshadow I used!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

FOTD: Nutty Taupes

Taupes are a beautiful hybrid of grey and brown. Many makeup lovers are weak at any sign of taupe. I love taupes but rarely use them because I find it hard to pair blushes and lipsticks with them without it clashing on my warm, yellow-based skintone. 

I tried giving my favorite taupes another try today. Wet n Wild Nutty is a beautiful shimmery warmed taupe that is a wonderful shade for all over the lid. I usually like to wear it by itself for an everyday sort of look but decided to go all out with taupe today and so I added MAC Copperplate to the outer 1/3 of my lid and in the crease. Copperplate is Matte2 and is one of my favorite matte eyeshadows. It is a medium-dark taupe that is cooler than nutty. Both shades are wonderfully pigmented and apply really smoothly. 

Clockwise top left: WnW Nutty, MAC Copperplate, Revlon Vintage Lace
Click past the jump to see what other products I used and more pics! :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Forgotten Gem: Milani Intermix Baked e/s

The "forgotten gem" series will showcase products that I've owned for a while but I have recently rediscovered and now love. Today I'll review Milani Baked Eyeshadow in Intermix.

(Warning: I am horrible at describing colors so I'll give it a shot and let the photos do the rest of the talking) The individual vein colors are shimmery cream white, medium bronze, and dark brown. The veining is much more beautiful than in the pic above, where for some reason I decided to smoosh the product and mess up the veining T_T.

They combine to create this beautiful warm, slightly taupey brown with gold/champagne colored shimmer. It is such an easy all-over the lid shade, though if you want to darken the crease I'd go with a matte shade to avoid becoming too shimmery.

Swatched in one layer dry/wet, in indirect natural light
Now I do not understand AT ALL what the point of baked powder products are. I know it is produced in a different way but I don't really understand what the point is. I do know that baked formulas tend to be more powdery than regular ones, which is a quality I usually don't like.

The baked formula makes for a powdery texture like most baked products but I find that it has less fallout than other products I've tried. It applies really smoothly and evenly and blends really well. The shimmer does tend to be blended away easily, which could be a good or a bad thing. Applied wet, the shimmer intensifies and forms more of a sheen.

Swatched in one layer dry/wet in direct light to show the sparkles
This lasts a good while on me over primer and works really well over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy and similar products.

Overall I think these Milani baked eyeshadows are really great quality for the drugstore price (and compared to higher end baked products as well). They are made in Italy, just like MAC mineralize products are.

Have you tried these Milani Baked eyeshadows before? What are some of your favorite makeup rediscoveries recently?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Makeup Inspiration: 2012 Golden Globes

I'm not hugely into celebrities (even though I live in LA and probably could be spotting them at premieres and such if I really wanted to) but I can't resist awards show season. I think the Golden Globes are a horribly organized awards show in terms of the award categories (some of the "comedies/musicals" are anything but), but it's pretty much second to the Oscars in terms of glamour so here are my favorite makeup looks from the Golden Globes tonight.

My favorite looks are Angelina Jolie and Diana Agron's. Diana Agron is almost always my favorite on the red carpet and she looked just as stunning as always. I absolutely loved all the red lippies on the red carpet. I hope this trend continues! I mean even nude-lippie-lover Angelina went red!
I cannot resist a statement lip and I am suprised that Angelina Jolie, who usually goes for bold eyes with a nude lip, went with this beautiful red lipstick!
Being Chinese lover of a strong red lipstick, I absolutely love Diana Agron's makeup and Chinese paper cutout art inspired dress. Or at least the concept of it anyways.
Freida Pinto is always SO BEAUTIFUL!! Her makeup is always impeccable. I love the necklace and the color of the dress but the dress itself is not very flattering on her :(
I have no idea who Stacy Keibler is (George Clooney's date??) but her makeup is so classic and her dress is my favorite out of everyone at the Golden Globes.
I just love Salma Hayek. Sooo beautiful!
I LOVE how beautiful the cool toned makeup looks on Emma Stone!
She is always so cute at awards shows! Her eyes and hair are beautiful! Wish the lippie was a little less brown though.

Who were your favorite celebrities on the red carpet today? Who are your favorite celebrity makeup inspirations?
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