Saturday, January 21, 2012

Rainbow EOTDs: Red

This week I wanted to branch out from my usual neutral eye makeup looks into bright colors. I have so many color eyeshadows but I almost never use them as I prefer the ease of applying a bright lipstick over bright eyeshadow.

Today I decided to start with the first color of the rainbow, red. Now red is notoriously difficult to use as an eyeshadow because it tends to make you look sick. I have never worn true red eyeshadow so this is my first attempt! I'm not convinced it was a success though.... :/

Excuse the super cool-toned lighting because of the cloudy weather. I am not this pale and blue in real life!

Click past the jump to see more photos of the look and the eyeshadow I used!


 I decided to go with using the red all over my lid and darkening the outer 1/3 of my lid with deep brown and black eyeshadows. I also added a touch of warm gold eyeshadow in the crease at the edge of the red to make it more wearable.

I kept the rest of my face as simple as possible because I was too lazy to figure out what lip color/blush color goes best with red eyes. If I could do the look again I'd probably add a rosy red blush like NARS Dolce Vita and a similar lipstick shade like Chanel Mademoiselle.

Wet n Wild Night Elf red shade
The red I used is from the Wet n Wild Night Elf eyeshadow palette. Unfortunately it was a limited edition holiday palette from one or two years ago. I pretty much bought it only for the red, the other shades are not as great. I know that Wet n Wild rereleased this shade as a single before but I think that was limited edition as well.
 This is a red with some flecks of shimmer/glitter as you can see in the pic below. The glitter tends to blend away leaving a rather matte/satin finish. Thankfully the shade is not full opacity because otherwise I'm sure it'd be practically impossible to wear.

Wet n Wild Night Elf red shade

Products I used: 
Face: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, Revlon Age Defying concealer, TheBalm Betty-Loumanizer (bronzer, very lightly)
Eyes: UDPP, Wet n Wild Night Elf palette (red & black shades), Wet n Wild Vanity palette (matte warm dark brown shade), Clinique cream liner, CG Lashexact WP
Lips: Only Vaseline as lip balm

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Have you worn red eyeshadow before? Do you have any tips for pulling off red? How would you wear this shade?


  1. I fell into the fad when it was the it thing fall 2010. I think I have like 4 red eyeshadows now, lol. Can't pull it off without looking demonic!

    It's a good first try, maybe some gold bottom liner to brighten it up? Red eyes would be appropriate for the lunar new year! :D

    1. I'll definitely be trying more gold with it next time to try to make it more wearable. Don't know if I'd ever wear red out of the house though :X

  2. I have used pink eyeliner, but that's the most I have done so far:) Red shadows are still out of my league - great attempt though!:)

    1. Thank you! I find pinks nearly was difficult as red, I haven't tried pink eyeliner before though!

  3. Ooooo, beautiful!! I love how it doesn't look like too much, just a little pop!

    1. Thank you! I tried to make the red as small as possible XD

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