Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What's in my travel makeup bag?

Or rather, bags. I've been away from my makeup stash for a month and this is what I brought with me. Amazingly, I've discovered that I can survive on less, but lets be real, I can't wait to be reunited with all my makeup pretties on Saturday!

My Harajuku Lovers and LeSportsac makeup bags
 I like the Harajuku lovers bag more because the opening is much larger and allows me to find things much more easily.

Clockwise, top left: Tarte Exposed, MAC MSFN, Milani Luminoso, MUFE Face & Body, Revlon Age Defying Concealer
These are some of my favorite face products, including MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (which I use as a natural foundation), MUFE Face & Body foundation, Revlon Age Defying Concealer (in two shades which I mix to match my skintone), Tarte Exposed Amazonian Clay blush (my current favorite everyday blush, I can't stop using this!! My old favorite Rock & Republic Call Me is probably crying as I type this), and Milani Luminoso baked blush.

For eye products I brought my favorite Wet n Wild Comfort Zone Palette, a freestyle palette I made containing WnW Vanity, Night Elf, Silent Treatment, and Walking on Eggshells palettes, WnW creme liner (which I use for my brows), Clinique gel liner, UDPP, Revlon Colorstay liquid liner, and CG Lashexact waterproof mascara.

Now that I think about it I didn't really need to bring my homemade WnW eyeshadow palette, Comfort Zone was more than enough.

L-R: WnW Stoplight Red, MAC Jubilee, MAC See Sheer, MAC VG Cyndi, Chanel Dragon, Chanel Mademoiselle, Revlon Coral, Revlon Raspberry Bite, and Revlon Nude Lustre lipgloss.
And of course, where I always go overboard, lipsticks!!

The only ones I didn't use were the two Revlon lipsticks so I'd say I brought just enough lippies. I love the holidays because they're such a great excuse for wearing red lipstick ;) So many pretties!!

Revlon Nude Lustre, MAC Jubilee, Chanel Mademoiselle, MAC See Sheer, MAC VG Cyndi, Revlon Coral, WnW Stoplight Red, Chanel Dragon, Revlon Raspberry lipstick swatches
Thanks for looking!

Did I go overboard? What makeup do you bring when you travel?

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  1. Just came across your blog! I started new as well :)

    I bought the same Wet n Wild palette but I never dared to travel with it because it just looks like it will fall out everywhere LOL

  2. I am a huge klutz and I've dropped this palette many times but it holds up really well! Well except that missing shade which broke before I even bought it. Thanks for looking!! :)

  3. I have two types of "Travel" make up bags - one fore local travel - like when I'm on the train and one for flying.

    For Local Travel - TART pressed powder to take away oilies and provides a soft glow, Kimiko Beauty blush in Cherry Blossom (it is so finely milled I cannot accidently put too much on), Shu Umera lash curlers, Dior Show mascara and NYX eye liner

    Air Travel - I use lots of skin creams and eye creams so I don't get dried out, Kimiko Tinted moisturizer and Kimko Blush. They are just easy to travel with!

  4. Beverly -- Thanks for reading! :)

    Jane -- I've never heard of Kimiko before, is it a niche brand? And I definitely agree on staying moisturized for flights, my skin always gets so dehydrated when I forget!

  5. I don't think you brought too much. I usually don't bring eyeshadow when I travel. It's usually gel eyeliner, a brush to apply that, bb cream and a brush for that, a setting powder and a brush for that and a few lip products.

  6. Oh yeah I totally forgot to post the brushes I brought! That sounds like the perfect amount of products to bring actually, I just always tend to bring too much because I can't bear to leave so much behind! :)

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